walking to Dinner Nordics 2011 Portugal

Task 4 For The Nordic Open 2011 -cancelled

After sitting in the hot sun for a few hours the howling wind slowly died.
The wind dummys went out but only had 1 very slow climb, but not enough to launch 120 competition pilots.
So theday was cancelled

We spent the afternoon at the river then went home for dinner.
Khobi organised a great Chicken & kebab Braai.
We had 2 guests in Octavia and Joel, friends of Andrew's from Angola.
A supper evening was had.
Now at the base waiting for the task to be set.
The last one of the Nordic Open 2011.

The SA Paragldding t

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Start Gaggle Nordic Open 2011 last task

Last Day Nordic Open

So the organisers had us wait in the shade down at the reiver next to the HQ.
Then we had to use the lower launch at Amoeria.
A down wind start was set then back past Take off into The predicted Nort to North East wind.
So there were 2 options to fly the task.
Stay in the mountains then head out to the flats or go the long slow way round the front of the mountains.

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Getting up Nordics 2011 Paragliding Champinships

Task 4 For The Nordic Open 2011

We are waiting to go up to the Same launch as yesterday!
sems to be more cirrus and wind looks strong!
But the task setters say we have 2 good task days!

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Nordics Paragliding Open 2011 Portugal

Nordic Open –portugal Task 3 Tuesday 28th June

Jan On Glide Nordics 2011

The Cloudbase Paragliding European Paragliding Competition 2011 Tour Starts!