Khobi on her Omega 8 at Piedrahita

Task 2 World Paragliding Championships Piedrahita Spain

Pre-start turn point 7K along the to the East. Start gate near Piedrahita then West to a turnpoint at Santiago 3K W of take off.

Then finally over the pass to the East and a goal at Avila.

The idea is to keep pilots in the Piedrahita valley until conditions improve sufficiently to cross the pass into the Ambles Valley.

The window opened at 13:00 the start gate opens at 14:00 and goal close and landby time is 18:00.

The day looked very stable and even the wind dummys and air marshalls did not get much above the height of take -off.

All the South Afr

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Launch Gaggle day 2

World Paragliding Championships 2011 Cancelled After 2 Tasks

Khobi has just come in and informed me that the Competition is over as the CIVL has suspended the testing of Competition Class Gliders!!.
This after 2 days of trying to put forward a solution for safer competition tasks.

This is a major Blow for Khobi who has put in 2 years of dedicated competition flying to get to this championship!
The 2 tasks flown have been declared enough to validate the World Championships.
So not because of weather, but because of beaurocrats, has this World Championships been an unsatifying end!!

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Khwalane Mazimbuko Launching at Pena Negra Spain

Piedrahita - Flying After The World Champs

Most of the teams have packed up and gone home.
The Prize -giving and Closing ceremmony was held on Saturday afternoon.
Andre; Russel; Henry ; Marty and Khobi had a flight towards Avila on Saturday afternoon.
We had a big leaving dinner in The Panera Bar on Saturday night as the rest of the team had opted to go home early.

Khobi and I are staying as per the original plan. The organisers have planned a daily recovery and transport system and using live trackers.
It is planned for Khobi to do Her first 100 km flight this week.

Yesterday A

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The Opening parade

World Paragliding Championships 2011

Task 1 of the World championships in Spain was a 154 Km race to goal.
Launching from the Pena Negra outside Piedrahita, with an exit cyclinder 20Km away over Villatoro, the Goal was in Arcones.
The reason for this Task was the strong Westerly wind forecast.
The big decision process was which route to follow as there is a prohibited airpace for Madrid TMA as well as a 3048m Height restriction  approximately 70Km into the flight.

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Smile While You Scream Alpine Tour 2011

Less than a month to go before the start of the tour.
We have been so involved with the various competitions that time has crept up on us.
A change to our schedule is that we have left out Verbier for this year. So we have the option of staying a bit longer in Italy.
We have a few new sites that we could explore.

If you want to join us there are still places open!
So let us know when you would like to join us.

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