Steve in his way to the monument Cima Del Grappa

Swys 2010 - Bassano

Steve luanching from the Elfer 2000m...

Smile While You Scream Tour 2010 - Austria

So the tour has started,  as always in the Stubai Valley in Austria.
When we arrived the weather didn't look so great, but being a positive bunch we where not going to be unhappy, and after all we are holiday !!!

This year in Austria we have with us:
Steve "Bushman" Briggs
Nevil Hulett
Penny Frost
Jack and Jo Brinckerhoff
Mal Robbins
Mark Baille

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Friday 16th July Task 6 Pre Worlds Piedrahita

Todays forecast  NW wind lower down, and SW 20km’s above 2000m, and base of 3000m and 3500m in the Avilla valley.

D01 – take off

B04 – corals at the end of the ridge

B27 – remo

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Saturday 17th July Task 7 Pre Worlds Piedrahita

So the last day dawns, and according to Steve the best forecast for the week and a standard Piedrahita day, but as it is the last day and they want to have prize giving etc  so the task will be kept shorter.

So the task was a cats craddle up and down the Peidrahita valley, no going over the pass today.

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Tuesday 13th July Task 3 Pre Worlds Piedrahita

Todays forecast not so great, and plus the fact that a majority of the field was a bit tired after 2 long days, the task committee set a crowd pleaser, goal at Avila.

D01 – take off

B38 – Steves house and also the start

A07 –

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