Powered Paragliding Course

To obtain a powered paragliding license the following is required:

  1. Complete a Paraglider Pilot License, this is to learn to fly the paraglider wing (this is the Basic License as described above).
  2. Complete a Powered Paragliding Conversion course
  3. Obtain a Restricted Aircraft Radio License.

NB if you already have a paragliding license you can obviously skip step one.

Powered Paragliding above Wilderness Beach


The Powered Conversion course fee is R7,900 and consists of:

  1. Familiarisation with your paramotor
  2. Running in of your new paramotor Powered Paragliding Course - Training flight with an instructor
  3. Hang-check and simulation
  4. Ground-handling with the paramotor (half a day maximum)
  5. A minimum of Ten powered flights (including one cross country, and one remote out landing and re-launch)
  6. Theory of powered paragliding flight (several lectures)
  7. An open-book Theoretical Test (write this at home at your own leisure)
  8. Marking of the Theory Test
  9. Discussing the questions you got wrong, to ensure you have a thorough understanding of these aspects.

NB : You will need your own paramotor and wing for your conversion course.

The Aircraft Radio Course can be done with any Flying School, our nearest school is at George airport, at a cost of approximately R900.