Training Courses

PPG trainingCloudbase Paragliding School is a SAPHA approved school.  All licenses issued are therefore internationally recognized as SAPHA is F.A.I affiliated through the Aeroclub of South Africa.  Cloudbase Paragliding has also established international partnerships to facilitate the conversion of the SAHPA license to your national body if required.

All the school equipment has DHV/ACPUL certification.  All school training gliders are rated for student use.  All school training harnesses comply with SAHPA regulations regarding foam back protection.  Each student is issued with a radio and helmet.

Training on the dunesWe offer introduction courses which comprise of a theory exercise and either a day on the training slope or a tandem flight.  In both cases all equipment is supplied as well as light refreshments.

After the introduction course you may decide to carry on and complete your Basic License.  Cloudbase Paragliding will provide all equipment, instructor time, Student License, manuals as issued by SAHPA, Logbook, a school manual and the first years membership to SAHPA.

After you have achieved you Basic License the school will support your ongoing endeavours to increase your flying skills. Pilots are encouraged to return to the school for guiding, information and the regular school nights.
Training at the Map

We also offer Safety Courses (SIV) on our Alpine Tour, and for those pilots who wish to indulge in powered flying, we offer a PPG conversion course.

We have no fixed starting dates for courses as we are a full time school, with 2  full time instructors, this allows us to be flexible and fit in with what you require. As we are totally weather dependant, the winter months of May through September cannot be considered as reliable in terms of paragliding.