Paragliding Tours: Introduction

Weekend awayCloudbase offers a number of different tours, as you are all different people!!

For those of you visiting South Africa, who wish to fly but also have the opportunity to see some of our culture and interesting places, we offer the two week Garden Route Tour.


For those who live in the cities of South Africa and wish to have a weekend away, where they can fly, and be looked after, we offer the Weekend Fly Away.

For those who wish to experience flying on the Alps, and not have to worry about accommodation, food, where to buy cable car tickets, when is it safe to fly…… we offer the 'Smile While You Scream Alpine Tour', end of July and August.


And for those who wish to combine a bit of flying with a bit of ski-ing/snow boarding we offer the Ski/Fly Tour in Stubai in Austria, end of March beginning of April.Ski fly 2007