Paragliding Sites: Introduction

We have a number of sites within an hour’s drive of Wilderness, with varying wind direction and requirements, and we will take you to which ever is the best site for the days conditions and skill level

Below is a map of the immediate area to Wilderness and the sites we fly the most frequently, click on the site you are interested in and more details will be supplied.

Paradise Ridge
Please remember with all are sites we are very lucky to have been given permission to use them from the land owners and thereforewe ask that you treat all sites with respect.  If you have never been to a site before please find a local and ask them the rules, and also read all the requirements on the site boards.
Most of the sites are close or in airspace so please make sure you know the restrictions that are applicable to us.

All pilots must be a member of SAHPA, whether permanent or a foreign temporary member, and will be required to prove current membership.


Best time of year is usually October - April for training.  With constant wind patterns and low rainfall, the Garden Route is a reliable free flying region.

For current weather and weather forecasts goto  Weather

Gericke's Point in Sedgefield