About The School

LocationJan and Khobi

The school is situated in the picturesque coastal village of Wilderness.  This is in the heart of the Garden Route, 18 km's east of George, 45km's west of Knysna, and  Cape Town is 465 km's to the west. PortElizabeth is 365 km's to the east.

The nearest airport is George. The school is 600 meters from the N2 and the inter city bus services stop.  For those flying to George, we have an exclusive special discount rate with 1time airline.
The school enjoys a wonderful view of the Wilderness National Park Wetlands.  The forest quietness makes it totally relaxing after a days flying.

Within 20 minutes drive we offer the choice of 12 sites suitable for training.  Most of them coastal ridge soaring.  Our thermic flights are either done in the Langkloof valley (site record 92.8km by Jan Minnaar on an Edel Saber) from Sedgefield or Plettenburg Bay.  Needless to say we offer the safest training sites in the country.

Jan Minnaar, your Chief instructor, is a professional full-time instructor who believes paragliding is a unique skills development activity which continues to grow for as long as you are involved in the sport.  Jan has been instructing since April 1992.  He believes each pilot deserves individual attention particular to his/her personal ambitions.

Khobi at Kleinkrantz

Cloudbase Paragliding School is a SAHPA approved school.  All licenses issued are therefore internationally recognized as SAHPA is F.A.I affiliated through the Aeroclub of South Africa.  Cloudbase Paragliding has also established international partnerships to facilitate the conversion of the SAHPA license to your national body if required.

All the school equipment has EN/DHV certification.  All school training gliders are rated for student use.  All school training harnesses comply with SAHPA regulations regarding foam back protection.  Each student is issued with a radio and helmet.

We offer introduction courses which comprise of a theory exercise and either a day on the training slope or a tandem flight.  In both cases all equipment is supplied as well as light refreshments.
After the introduction course you may decide to carry on and complete your Basic License.  Cloudbase Paragliding will provide all equipment, instructor time, Student License, manuals as issued by SAHPA, Logbook, a school manual and the first years membership to SAHPA.

After you have achieved you Basic License the school will support your ongoing endeavours to increase your flying skills.  Pilots are encouraged to return to the school for guiding, information and the regular school nights.

We also offer Safety Courses (SIV) on our Alpine Tour, and for those pilots who wish to indulge in powered flying, we offer a PPG conversion course"Once a Cloudbase student always a Cloudbase pilot", this is an important part of Cloudbase philosophy.