Introduction Course

First flights
Ever wondered how those "paragliders" hang around the sky???

Don't like the thought of jumping out an airplane ???

Enjoy the thrill of PARAGLIDING, foot launching of a 6 kg inflatable wing from any suitable slope facing into the wind. The cheapest form of aviation, easiest to learn, Loads of FUN.

Cloudbase Paragliding offers a fun filled one day flying experience!

The training dune is on a beautiful expanse of beach in Wilderness.  Under instructor supervision and on flat ground you start with ground control of the canopy. As you become proficient with the handling of the wing you start moving up the sand dune: so your flights become longer and higher as your confidence and ability increase. It’s that easy!!

The hard partAs with any aviation sport, paragliding is inherently dangerous, and if you have never done paragliding before then you must start at this level of training i.e. on the beach with a slope no higher than 40 metres, this will enable us to fly safely and progress safely!

The Course cost is R2000 {R200 -00 deposit on booking}.  This includes instructor time, all equipment provided [glider; harness; helmet.].  Refreshments are provided.

TrainingIf due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot fly on the day, Cloudbase Paragliding undertakes to provide training on the next suitable day. If the student voluntarily withdraws from the course, a refund may not be entertained.

The student must provide him/her self, transport to the site {lifts can be arranged}, running shoes {hiking boots preferable} suntan lotion, hat, short pants & T-shirt.

Jan Minnaar your SAHPA registered instructor was a member of the National Team which competed in the World Paragliding Championships in 1993,2011, 2013 and 2017. He has been instructing since 1992 and has been awarded Gold Wings by the Aero Club of South Africa for his significant contribution to sports aviation.