S.i.v. Course

Due to the topography of the Garden Route, from a safety point of view, it is not possible to offer a full blown SIV course in the Garden Route.

We therefore offer SIV courses in Austria as part of our annual 'Smile While You Scream Tour'.

These are 3 day courses and are located in Achensee over a fresh water lake.

We run this together with Eki Maute from Flugschule Achensee.

This is a DHV registered course and therefore meets exacting standards ie :

  • participants are issued with life jackets and water proof radios
  • fully manned rescue launch on stand by
  • professional video crew to record flights

The aim of the course is that we want you to feel the forces that each manoeuvre generates.  The philosophy being, that if you feel and understand what your glider is doing you will be able to recognise this, and take the necessary pre-emptive action.

Achensee is our preferred choice as it provides easy cable access to take off, which is 1200 metres above a fresh water lake.  Therefore there is no need to gain height before manoeuvres are performed i.e. still air, and no salt water damage when reserve deployments are carried out.