Site Guide

We have a number of sites within an hour’s drive of Wilderness, with varying wind direction and requirements, and we will take you to whichever is the best site for the days conditions and skill level

Below is a map of the immediate area to Wilderness and the sites we fly the most frequently, click on the site you are interested in and more details will be supplied.

Please remember with all are sites we are very lucky to have been given permission to use them from the landowners and therefore we ask that you treat all sites with respect.  If you have never been to a site before please find a local and ask them the rules, and also read all the requirements on the site boards.Some of sites fall airspace, and so we have a ‘paragliding box’ which enables us to fly, so please make sure you know the restrictions that are applicable to the site you are at. (Link to airspace map)

All pilots must be a member of SAHPA, whether permanent or a foreign temporary member, and will be required to prove current membership, and must pay relevant site fees.

With constant wind patterns and low rainfall, the Garden Route is a reliable free flying region. The best time of year is usually October – April for training.

Paragliding sites: Map of Africa

This is our premier paragliding site in the Garden Route.

GRADING : BASIC /Students with Minimum 10 flights.

All pilots must be members of SAHPA.

ALTITUDE : 153m above the waves.
Airspace ceiling at 465m, George Airport to NW of the site  issue a NOTAM each season for our glider box.

DESCRIPTION : A mellow site with a fantastic view, overlooking the tranquil Indian Ocean and the holiday town of Wilderness. A favourite for flying schools.

WIND : SE .Max speed 25Kp/h

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LAUNCH : A gently-sloped grass field which becomes steeper – with plenty of room for top landing.

LANDING : Anywhere on the beach, well clear of sunbathers and beach-goers. In busy season, please land beyond (to the east) of the rocks which border the first section of beach, as that is the most popular area for bathers.

PERMISSION : Jan Minnaar from Cloudbase Paragliding.

FEES :  In order to maintain a high safety record and alleviate congestion, all pilots making use of the site are required to become members of the MAP JUMP CLUB.

ALL payments for the different categories of membership are done online only at:

We hope that you, the free flying community, will support us in our efforts to retain one of South Africa’s premier flying sites.


  • Max Ceiling 465m ASL
  • Wind direction South East Max 23kph (Check for true wind direction on beach)
  • Land only on designated beach landing area
  • DO NOT fly west across the Kaaimans River (in George CTR)
  • No Trike/PPC allowed
  • Avoid loitering around residences and stay a minimum of 40m away or above houses
  • No speed wing flying


  • Power lines to the West and North of the take-off area
  • Scratching on the main road (Have 10 meters clearance above the road)
  • Sudden gusts of wind (watch the water for an early warning)
  • Avoid people when landing on the beach
  • Speed Limit of 40km on dirt road

Paragliding sites: Sedgefield

GRADING: BASIC / Students with Minimum 10 flights

ALTITUDE: 135 m. Airspace ceiling 465m, clearance from ATC 1300m to back mountains.

DESCRIPTION: A thermic site as well as ridge soaring. Steep, wooded slopes drop off to fields below. Wonderful views over the river and lakes, good height gains possible.


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LAUNCH: A well maintained grass launch site with space for top landing.

Please do not fly past the Pine plantation 900m to the west of Launch with less than 100m clearance, there is an orange flag indicating this point.

LANDING: Please land at the field opposite the Engen station on the way out of Sedgefield in the Wilderness direction. There is a windsock indicating the relevant area. Please move off the grass as quickly as possible and pack by the windsock.  There is an emergency landing below the take off, but this is for emergencies only, if you have to land there please leave as quickly as possible and please be courteous to the land owner and his staff.

FEES: Sedgefield is privately owned and therefore site fees are applicable, please register at

Paragliding sites: Paradise Ridge


ALTITUDE :100m, airspace 465m.

DESCRIPTION :Soaring heaven. 12km of virgin vegetation draped over a continuously perfect ridge, with the sparkling sea at your feet.


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LAUNCH : Launch from dunes at Klein Krantz.

LANDING : If the wind drops off and you are soaring below the level of the top of the ridge, turn back and head for the Kleinkrantz dunes. Alternatively, land near the east end of the ridge and walk around to Swartvlei, where there is a carpark and easy retrieve.

PERMISSION : none needed on public beach.

Paragliding sites: Wilderness Beach Hotel



DESCRIPTION : A fun site with a narrow lift band, but can get a bit crowded. With the addition of The Views hotel on the easterly side, the site dynamics have changed.


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LAUNCH : On the grass lawn in front of the hotel. Top landing is possible on the west side of the Hotel.

LANDING : On the beach below for low airtime pilots and when the wind is more than 25kmBeware of high tide which reduces the options for a beach landing so only fly if you can top land.

Paragliding sites: Serpentine


ALTITUDE : 173m. Airspace restrictions 465m ASL until back mountains and edge of Bo-Langvlei Lake.

DESCRIPTION : A nice thermic site, pioneering over the back currently, or fly along the ridge towards Sedgefield, airspace gets higher towards Sedgefield.


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LAUNCH : Grass slope over the tops trees in front.

LANDING : Field beyond the kid buddies to the East.

Paragliding sites: Buffalo Bay



DESCRIPTION : Soaring above the sand dunes, works on strong days, only for those with a confident launch.


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LAUNCH : In front of the highest dunes.

LANDING : On the beach.

PERMISSION : Public Beach

Paragliding sites: Brenton on Sea



DESCRIPTION : Ridge soaring on a long low shrub covered ridge that runs along the beach.


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LAUNCH : Take off form a ramp built on top of the dunes, or for the sport pilots on the grass lawn in front of the car park.

LANDING : On the beach or the grass lawn.

Paragliding sites: Du Toits



DESCRIPTION : A thermic site with good XC possibilities. Access is by 4*4 only. Best in Autumn/Winter.


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LAUNCH : Quite rocky committed launch.

LANDING : Designated landing is 5 km’s East of take off, make sure there are no Ostriches in the field first.

PERMISSION : Please contact Jan Minnaar prior to going so we can inform the farmer that there will be flying activity and to get the gate unlocked.

RECORD : Jan Minnaar , 93km to Joubertina, April 2001.