Paragliding Sedgefield


Paragliding Sedgefield

DESCRIPTION: Paragliding Sedgefield is a thermic site as well as ridge soaring. Steep, wooded slopes drop off to fields below. Wonderful views over the river and lakes, good height gains possible.

GRADING: BASIC / Students with Minimum 10 flights

ALTITUDE: 135 m. Airspace ceiling 465m, clearance from ATC 1300m to back mountains.


LAUNCH: A well maintained grass launch site with space for top landing.

Please do not fly past the Pine plantation 900m to the west of Launch with less than 100m clearance, there is an orange flag indicating this point.

LANDING: Please land at the field opposite the Engen station on the way out of Sedgefield in the Wilderness direction. There is a windsock indicating the relevant area. Please move off the grass as quickly as possible and pack by the windsock.  There is an emergency landing below the take off, but this is for emergencies only, if you have to land there please leave as quickly as possible and please be courteous to the land owner and his staff.

FEES: Sedgefield is privately owned and therefore site fees are applicable, please register at

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