The Team

Enthusiasm and a passion for sharing the joy of free-flying, as well as ensuring the safety of our students are obvious requirements, however, we believe that our instructors all bring a little extra magic to our Cloudbase family.

Jan (The Jammer)

Jan (The Jammer)

Chief Flying Instructor (Grade A Instructor, PPG Instrcutor and Tandem Flight Instructor)

Our Chief Flying Instructor Jan (The Jammer) first started paragliding in April 1991. He began teaching in 1992 and established Cloudbase Paragliding in 1993. In 2004 Jan was awarded the Gold Wings Award from the Aero Club of South Africa for his significant contribution to Sport Aviation. Jan was one of the first tandem pilots in the country and was the National Licensing and Safety Officer for 12 years for SAHPA.In addition to an impressive track record of successfully training hundreds of students, he has also flown thousands of delighted passengers, from every corner of the earth, on picturesque tandem flights along the Garden Route. He has also flown and featured in many paragliding competitions and has represented South Africa in no less than six World Championships – he has an interesting story and you can read it here.

Khobi’s-Jane (The Cloud-babe)

Khobi’s-Jane (The Cloudbabe)

Grade A Instructor and Tandem Flight Instructor

Khobi-Jane (The Cloudbabe) feet first left Mother Earth on a paraglider in Venezuela in 1999. Her path then crossed with Jan’s in April 2001, when she visited Cloudbase on a two-week holiday. In April 2002 she had moved to South Africa and also became an integral part of the Cloudbase story. She qualified as an instructor in 2005 and a tandem pilot in 2007, and became the first female commercial tandem pilot in South Africa in 2011. She has held the South African Ladies Champion National Title since 2009 and has represented South Africa at every World Championship since 2011.

Chris (The Motivator)

Chris (The Motivator)

Tandem Flight Instructor

Chris (The Motivator) started his paragliding journey in 2006, and completed his Tandem Flight Instructor (TFI) rating in 2011. He is a qualified SAHPA instructor who has served on the SAHPA committee as National Safety Office as well as representing South Africa as a Protea team pilot at the Paragliding World Championships in Bulgaria (2013), and again in Columbia (2015). He has been a sky diving instructor and tandem skydiving instructor since 1991. His mantra… the most important thing about flying is that we do it to have fun!

Jordyn (The Apprentice)

Jordyn (The Apprentice)

Instructor and Tandem Pilot

Jordyn (The Apprentice) learnt to fly with Cloudbase Paragliding School in 2014. He participated in a number of Scream While You’re Scream Flying tours in Europe and his aptitude and enthusiasm for paragliding saw his piloting skills progress in leaps and bounds. He has worked at Flugshule Achensee (Austria’s largest SIV school) for three seasons, during which he has also honed his acro flying skills. Jordyn completed his tandem rating and instructor training in 2018.

Jana Assistant Manageress

Jana (Miss Money Penny)

Assistant Manager

Jana (Miss Money Penny) joined Cloudbase in December 2017 and is the first contact you will have with Cloudbase and so her beautiful smile will make you feel welcome. She is in charge of getting you booked in at the right time in the right place and will inform you if anything changes. She will help you with your purchases and tell you all the best local places to visit.

Winnie (The Pancake Maker)

Winnie (The Pancake Maker)

General Assistant

Winnie (The Pancake Maker) is a seasonal addition to the team and she looks after all of the Cloudbase Team as well giving great fun briefings to the passengers. She will make sure you understand exactly what is going to happen and when, so you will feel very confident and look forward to your flying experience.

Lamont Ferreira

Assistant Instructor

Lamont is an enthusiastic adventurer that loves sharing outdoor sports with fellow nature lovers. He is a fully qualified canyoneering guide who has a passion for exploring extreme canyons. He is currently busy working on his paragliding instructors course with Cloudbase and love’s being part of this dynamic team.