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Training Courses

We offer introduction courses comprising a theory exercise and either a day on the training slope or a tandem flight. All equipment is supplied as well as light refreshments.

If the introduction course has awakened your desire to fly, your next step is enrolling in a Full License course (IPPI 4 equivalent). Cloudbase provides equipment, instructor time, Student License, manuals as issued by SAHPA, and a logbook.

Once you have achieved your Full License we will support your ongoing endeavours to increase your flying skills. Pilots are encouraged to return for guiding, information and our regular school nights.

For pilots who would like to participate in Safety Courses (SIV), we offer these on our annual Alpine Tour, and for those pilots who wish to indulge in powered flying, we also offer a PPG conversion course.

As we are a full-time school, with two full-time Grade ‘A’ instructors, we are flexible and schedule our courses to suit our student’s availability. This means that courses commence on a regular basis during the South African flying season, which runs from September to May. We do not offer courses from 14th December  to 7th January.

As paragliding is a weather dependent sport, daily flying will be at a site suitable for the prevailing conditions to ensure our high safety standard is maintained, however, if due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot fly on a given day, we undertake to provide training on the next suitable day. If the student voluntarily withdraws from the course, he/she forfeits the course fee. Validity of course membership is one year from date of entering the school.

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6 reasons to join the
Cloudbase Paragliding School alumni:

We are on of the longest established schools in South Africa (1994) with a high instructor to student ratio.

We are amongst the most experienced instructors and pilots in South Africa.

We have represented South Africa as Protea team members at the World Championships in 1993, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

We have prefect training sites to allow the right learning progression with great weather conditions to allow for completion of courses with 10/12 days.

We offer state-of-the-art certified gliders and harnesses for all levels.

All our equipment and training procedures comply with SAHPA’s operational and procedural regulations.