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Basic License Course

In order to paraglide legally, without the supervision of an instructor, it is necessary to obtain a SAHPA Basic license which entitles you to fly at any Basic graded site at your own discretion. The South African Basic License is equivalent to an IPPI 4 rating and is therefore recognised internationally.

This course is a full license course, and time is spent on improving the starting and flying techniques. In addition to the practical curriculum a series of lectures are presented covering the topics of aerodynamics, meteorology, air law, safety procedures, flying techniques and skills. Cloudbase Paragliding provides all aviation equipment, including two-way communication, required to complete the course. Video footage to review your progress, will be used where possible.

We recommend that you allocate a minimum of 10/12 full days to complete the course. We are available 7 days a week and are happy to accommodate your schedule.

The minimum requirements for a Basic license are:

  • Valid student license;
  • minimum of 35 logged flights (minimum 60 seconds duration each) under instructor supervision;
  • minimum of 4 hours flight time;
  • 1 soaring flight must have been longer than 20 minutes;
  • 20 flights must be from over 100 meters height difference;
  • 2 flights in light thermic conditions of at least 10 minutes duration each;
  • the student must have flown from at least two different mountain sites;
  • the student must pass the practical flight test curriculum; and
  • obtain more than 85 % in the written open book exam.
  • The license is also awarded at the discretion of the instructor.

The Basic Licence course fee of R16 900 includes:

  • Student license valid for six months (R440);
  • logbook;
  • SAHPA manual
  • comprehensive course notes;
  • exam fees;
  • equipment;
  • instruction; and
  • transport

There are no hidden costs and school equipment is provided up to completion of the course. The only additional cost you will incur, on completion of your course, is the SAHPA License fee of R1 460 that is to paid directly to SAHPA.

As paragliding is a weather dependent sport, daily flying will be at a site suitable for the prevailing conditions to ensure our high safety standard is maintained. However, if due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot fly on a given day, we undertake to provide training on the next suitable day. If the student voluntarily withdraws from the course, he/she forfeits the course fee. Validity of course membership is one year from date of entering the school.

You’re licenced now, what next?

On completion of your Basic License you will receive your SAHPA Basic License and an IPPI card. This will enable you to fly in South Africa and the rest of the world. If you are resident of another country other than South Africa, these two licenses will be recognised by your governing body for paragliding and you will be able to convert to their equivalent rated license.

If you have fallen in love with the sport of paragliding then getting your own equipment is the next step, and we’re happy to help you make your choices. If you completed your Basic Licence training with us, and purchase all your equipment from us, we’ll refund you R1 000 against your purchase.