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        March 21 - April 3
        South Africa
        Sat 04


        April 4 - April 17
        South Africa
        Sat 04

        Paragliding Introductory Course

        April 4 - April 5
        South Africa
        Mon 20

        Powered Paragliding Course

        April 20 - April 22
        South Africa

R7 900
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PPG Course

To obtain a powered paragliding license the following is required:

  • Basic License (see Basic Licence course);
  • A Powered Paragliding Conversion course;
  • A Restricted Aircraft Radio License (a course can be done with any flying school – example at George airport, for approx. R1100).

Cloudbase Paragliding Gallery (9)

The PPG conversion course fee of R7 900 includes:

  • Familiarisation with your paramotor;
  • Running in of your new paramotor;
  • Hang-check and simulation;
  • Ground-handling with the paramotor (half a day maximum);
  • A minimum of ten powered flights (including one cross country, and one remote out landing and re-launch);
  • Theory of powered paragliding flight (several lectures);
  • An open-book theoretical test (write this at home at your own leisure);
  • Marking of the theory test; and
  • Revisiting/discussion the questions you got wrong, to ensure you have a thorough understanding of these aspects.
  • NB: You will need your own paramotor and wing for your conversion course.