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Skill Enhancement Program

Just finished your license course, or feeling a bit rusty, haven’t been flying for a while, or just need some airtime ?

Come and have some FUN with us, and enhance your paragliding skills, build your confidence, and get plenty of time in the air.

Why This Program?

You will have an “A” grade instructor with over 20 years of flying experience and who will personally instruct you each day and tailor the week to meet your flying needs.

Who does this suit? 

Newly qualified to rusty pilots.

What can I expect?

Friendly launches, big landings, air to air instruction, daily weather briefings, theory lectures, post flight debrief.

Tips and tricks

from two instructors with experience in all disciplines.

Aim of the week 

Boost airtime and confidence through our personal attention.

What do I need?

Complete set of paragliding equipment.


current paragliding license

Topics for skill development:

Sedge students

  1. Flying Techniques: Refining and advancing basic flying manoeuvres.
  2. Meteorology and Weather Reading: Deeper understanding of weather patterns and their impact on paragliding.
  3. Thermal and Ridge Lift Optimization: Enhancing skills in finding and utilizing thermals and ridge lift.
  4. Aerodynamics and Wing Handling: Knowledge of aerodynamics and fine-tuning wing handling skills.
  5. Site Assessment and Selection: Choosing optimal flying sites based on various factors.
  6. Equipment Maintenance and Inspection: Proper care, maintenance, and regular inspection of your paragliding equipment.
  7. Risk Management: Strategies for assessing and managing risks during flights.
  8. Psychology of Flying: Dealing with fear, stress, and enhancing mental focus during flights.

Cloudbase Paragliding offers an inclusive week-long package:

  • Bed and Breakfast for 7 nights
  • Dinners on 3 nights
  • Instruction and guiding for 7 days
  • Theory lectures

Price is R13,000

*Female only classes also available with a female instructor (minimum of 4 attendees).