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        March 21 - April 3
        South Africa
        Sat 04


        April 4 - April 17
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        Paragliding Introductory Course

        April 4 - April 5
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        April 20 - April 22
        South Africa

Weather Sites

Most of our sites in the Garden Route work from an East through to a South West, and a majority require an element of South in it somewhere.

Cloudbase Paragliding have three live weather stations in the Garden Route, giving real time data.

Map of Africa

Updated: 01-04-2020 09:01
Wind Direction: ESE at 111°
Wind Speed: 2 - 19 km/h at an average of 7 km/h
Temperature: 20.2 °C
Dew Point: 16°C
Barometric Pressure: 1025 mb
Humidity: 78%
Estimated Cloud Altitude: 1625 ft
Density Altitude: 765 ft
Relative Air Density: 97%
Battery Voltage: 4.11v
Rainfall: 3.8mm


Updated: 01-04-2020 08:28
Wind Direction: E at 090°
Wind Speed: 1 - 9 km/h at an average of 4 km/h
Temperature: 17.8 °C
Dew Point: 17°C
Barometric Pressure: 1028 mb
Humidity: 96%
Estimated Cloud Altitude: 266 ft
Density Altitude: 577 ft
Relative Air Density: 98%
Battery Voltage: 3.40v
Rainfall: 5.3mm

Myoli Beach

Updated: 01-04-2020 08:56
Wind Direction: S at 169°
Wind Speed: 4 - 9 km/h at an average of 5 km/h
Temperature: 19.1 °C
Dew Point: 17°C
Barometric Pressure: 1029 mb
Humidity: 87%
Estimated Cloud Altitude: 910 ft
Density Altitude: 99 ft
Relative Air Density: 99%
Battery Voltage: 4.16v
Rainfall: 4.5mm

For forecast information:

Wind Guru Map of Africa, Wilderness

For daily weather report and site recommendation for the day, we have created a WhatsApp group that you can join/leave when and where you want, just click on the WhatsApp icon in the bottom right corner.

Join our WhatsApp group for daily weather updates