AA TAsk 3 - put in the flats

Porterville Feb 2013 - All Africa Task 3

As we left the bottom of the mountain to drive up, the temperature was an un-characteristic 20 degrees, by the time we got to the top, it was 15, so we thought we were in for a good day, to quote Chris Van Noord “it’s a hold on to your Oma’s panties day”…..

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Task 2 of All Africa

Porterville Feb 2013 - All Africa Day 1-3

We finally, after lots of failed intentions, departed Wilderness at 6:45pm Saturday night, to go to Porterville for the All Africa comp, followed by the Paragliding World Cup Comp!

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Map Of Africa Site Fees And Rules

Hi! Fellow pilots and Map of Africa enthusiasts .

After 25 years the owner of the property Dale Lotter, has instituted a site fee system which incorporates a user registration system.

In order to maintain a high safety record and alleviate congestion, All pilots making use of the site are required to become members of the MAP JUMP CLUB.

ALL payments for the different categories of membership are done online only at http://www.mapjumpclub.com/

www.mapjumpclub.com Membership

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The crowded scene on my approach

Mont Blanc Top Landing 19 August 2012

The end of the 18th "Smile Whle you Scream" Alpine tour was winding down.
The weather conditions had been fantastic with on 2 days out the 2 weeks not flyable.
I passed the remark that the forecasts were similar to the previous 2 Toplaniding on Mont Blanc. to Richard Hansen.
He said yes, they would have a days notice by checking the AmiGram.

I sent an sms to Francois about my next few days plans, as Khobi was off to the PWC in Sun Valley USA.
His reply was "this week end is going to be atomic!"

Boy Oh B

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At 1000m Knysna lagoon in Background

November Students End Course At Cloudbase.

The weather forecast was for light Southerly winds the whole day. After very strong wind and rain on Sunday and Monday, (as forecast) we had to fly on Tuesday as it was the last full flying day for Oli Noel. We needed 7 flights and more importantly, the 2 thermic flight requirements to complete his licence. Andree Fick also only needed 1 thermic flight. All I can say is that Andree and Oli finished the course on Very HIGH ....

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