The EFS dam at the entrance to the Verdon Canyons

St Andre Les Alpes – Days At Leisure:

As always after a competition we had a lie-in on Sunday, had a bacon and egg fried breakfast.

A very leisure day contemplating the “ Neville” Conandrum :  “....Could have; Would have; should have;  flip it, flip it !”

A hard

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Jan flying in front of the Eiger with KJ in the background

Swys 2010 Week 4 Grindelwald

Had to wake up early on Sunday morning to take Johann Snyman to Geneva airport to get his flight back to Canada.

Carl came along for the 2 hour drive as he had a lost baggage refund to claim off Swiss.

It was raining lightly and definitely a very low Cloudbase. On the way back from Geneva the Cloud was lifting leaving me optimistic we

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The lake by the ladning at St Andre

St Andre British Open 2010

Hi all, have quickly put  on our photos for the week from flying the comp in St Andre, south of france.

Was a tough start to the week, and we didn't do to well onthe first 2 days, local knowledge is definetly king!

However, as we learnt more and more each day we got further and further.

There where 14 reserve deployments during the week and at least 5 people in trees, and we are glad to say that none of the above was us!!

For full descriptons of the tasks have a look at the British comp website.

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Cloudbase Team in the CGT !!!

Swys 2010 - Annecy 8th -15th August

The early morning crowd ....

Swys 2010 – Verbier 4th To The 8th August