Thursday 15th July Task 5 Pre Worlds Peidrahita

So day 5 , 4 tasks and only 2 valid so far!

The day dawns with another hot Piedrahita day, going up the hill is routine now, all are organised, even the sun block gets handed out at the green house on schedule.

Todays forecast light SW.

Task fo

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Wednesday 14th July Task 4 Pre Worlds Piedrahita

Due to complaints of congestion at the start, the task committee started to set a remote turnpoint before the start to try and spread the field out a bit, and then also they decided to put in a few zigs followed by a zag, so a little more technical so todays task:

D01 – take off

B04 – corals at the end of the ridge<

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Monday 12 July Task 2 Pre Worlds Piedrahita

So today we were a little more organised getting up the hill, and had our sarnies with us this time.

Todays forecast, N 20 kms with base of 3200m.

Another mammoth task set of 155km:

D01 – take off

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The Start of the task 1st Gaggle

Sunday 11 July Task 1 Pre Worlds Piedrahita

So the first day started with the safety briefing and the selection of the committees, we tried to get Andrew on the task committee, but unfortunately we were out voted for a local Spaniard, but only by a few hands.


The fore cast for the day was SW 15km, with Cloudbase being 4000m in the Avila valley and a small chance of over development, ha!!!!

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Team South Africa

Practice Days And Pre World Cup Parade

So after being Piedrahita for 2 days we finally get a chance to go flying.

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